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She would later have roles in numerous Italian films, including Scandal in the Family , an erotic drama she starred opposite her husband.

  • Back home, Michael learns that his wife has miscarried.

  • Stefanelli took a break from acting in the mid-1970s following her marriage and the birth of her daughter, , in 1976.

  • But when the movie arrived in theaters at the end of 1974, it was met with a critical reception that, compared with today's exuberant embrace, felt more like a slap in the face.

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I refused so much work.

  • While its cinematography and acting were immediately acclaimed, many criticized it as overly slow-paced and convoluted.

  • Even though it's less than 20 years old, this film feels like it's from a different world, if only for this one scene.

  • Although internet circulated that bad info Simonetta Stefanelli had died of cancer, she is alive and they say, live decently running his shop purses and shoes.