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Central Athens — Legal Prostitution on the Cheap

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Mi-au trebuit multe pacate , multe sticle de alcool, multe linii prizate prin baile hotelurilor, pana sa inteleg ca niciodata nu voi putea da mana cu cineva, atata timp cat am pumnul strans , sub forma de amenintare.

  • These are girls, almost exclusively Greek, who will offer themselves as girlfriends or guides for a day, a week, or however long is agreed upon.

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This has opened up a new market of renting a girlfriend.

  • Even if you are dancing with a partner, you don't need to be all passionate and dramatic like in tango for example.

  • Never give them your credit card! All licensed hams are welcome.

  • In 2008, a cozy 80-seat capacity amphitheatre was set up and started to operate a year later, offering lectures, presentations and documentary screenings in relation to physics and astrophysics.