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Parents shocked over teen sex in 'Sex and the City' reboot

The avalanche scene is probably the most memorable thing about this dull misfire that was looking to kickstart a new franchise.

  • A promising young lawyer sees her plans to wed into an important and ultraconservative family in danger when her grandma decides to marry her girl friend.

  • Helped by a stranger after to lose the bus at the airport, Eva backs home where she reunites with Sofía, Celia and Perla, Eva's mentally disabled cousin who lives in the house cared by her aunt Sofía.

  • Lege dich bitte auf das Sofa und warte einen Augenblick, ja? Fast cars, explosions, women in scantily clad attire, incoherent plots, over-the-top villains, and catchy music.


It's about true stability, not about being able to predict how the future will be like, but the ability to know that some people will not abandon us, even when we make terrible mistakes.

  • Anmerkung: Diese Geschichte ist komplett ausgedacht, die Handlung sowie die Namen frei erfunden! Papi hat mir eine wertvolle Lehre erteilt und das ist das Ergebnis! Teens will have sex and drink — you have to be real with them.

  • They can see what you are not seeing right now.

  • Phakphum, left, is questioned by police at a resort in Nakhon Ratchasima's Sikhiu district for allegedly pimping five schoolboys to male customers.

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