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Broad City’s Ilana Glazer Gets Naked To Explain Love And Sex And Stuff

There are countless series Sedaris has appeared in to steal the show and this role is no different.

  • He'd use his sister's trashy novels and draw flip books in them and I was like -- I didn't know you could do this! Mad props to Blake Griffin for being so down to clown because this is probably one of the funniest sex scenes in cable history, and one of Broad City's funniest episodes.

  • Ilana puts the bowl in her pocket, and they walk off into the sunset, chatting with smiles on their faces.

  • But the reality is you have to put the work in and time in and dedicate your existence to doing this.

Best Broad City Episodes: Every Single Broad City Episode, Ranked

She also gets stuck in said body suit and needs help from Lincoln to get out of it; no one wants to see their ex like that! She writes about cannabis, music, politics, and culture.

  • In the finale of the first season, Ilana and Abbi go to a fancy restaurant for a night out.

  • There are fingers poking into belly buttons and letters puking up other letters in candy colors.

  • The weird and wonderful breakfast dance is a perfect example of this balance.