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Sexual Intercourse Feelings and Chacras

If you have a newborn or young child, you must start by giving them the freedom to express his or her emotions and desires.

  • In the heart chakra, the woman is outgoing and the man is receptive.

  • Liked by Pam, sweetie, prayer is Meditation.

  • How many of us will ever do that? The movement of energy into and out of your body happens via your crown chakra on the top of your head.

Using the Sacral Chakra to Engage with your Sexuality


  • Yet it marks the beginning of the next stage, the renovation and restoration phase.

  • Thats because I rarely need them; however there are times when the demand of the worship ministry is so heavy and souls are being saved that the gates open.

  • Now, you can use the other option and abstain from the actual orgasm itself, if you so choose.