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Not a hard decision placing a beauty like Allie Laforce on our list.

  • Still, Vieira looked intimidated by the idea of appearing on bare-faced.

  • Jude Kids, Canadian and American Red Cross, American Association for Cancer Research, Do Something, and the United Service Organization.

  • And as anyone can see when they turn on their favorite news shows, these bright and talented women are all expected to wear make-up.

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Unafraid to speak her mind which included being of Donald Trump and calling out racism where she sees it , she left the network in 2018, and became a staff writer at.

  • Since her emergence as a sportscaster and reporter, she has catapulted herself into one of the top reporters for the sport of football, and now other facets of the media.

  • She is a Californian through and through Champion was born in Pasadena, California in 1978, and she lived in the state for pretty much her whole life.

  • Besides, Cari relayed that she had always fought for the underdog.