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Shocking video shows men taking advantage of 'drunk' girl in public

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Drunk wife is Wife touched

Man charged over wife’s death after he stopped her driving drunk and she was hit by car

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Wife touched friend inappropriately while drunk. Should I be upset?

Should I be concerned - is counseling needed? Maybe you are not too drunk, maybe you could drive home.

  • When we first moved to Ft Bragg I was a naive, inexperienced and unqualified married school leaver.

  • The shocking video footage comes just a few weeks after a similar clip see below , which documented the verbal harassment one woman received while walking around New York City, surfaced online, sparking outrage from women around the world.

  • Maybe more sex therapy could help, but who has time for appointments with three young kids and jobs? The rest of the details are not important—the bottom line was that while I did kiss this other woman, and kept my wife well informed as to how I was feeling and how the experiment was progressing, it was clear that the tensions and confusion were jeopardizing our marriage, so I gave up going to the gym and severed my connection with the other woman.

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