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Wife Gone Wild: PLEASE, Need Helpful Stranger To Provide Guidance

This 66-page manual helped the interested client decide which brothel was right for him.

  • She was videotaped outside The Nice Guy in West Hollywood, California sticking out her blue-colored tongue, slurring her words, twerking, cursing, and lighting up a cigarette! She passes around some pictures from their vacation and you are relieved.

  • You didn’t sleep with someone’s drunk wife.

  • Mattie married at least twice and also kept a lover.

The Quinn Report: Desperate Housewives Gone Wild!

This is the story of the end of a marriage and the creation of two separate people: a cuckold and a size queen.

  • Clearly you can't deal with this, honestly no one ever can.

  • In a normal season of The Real Housewives , Bravo is the perpetual elephant in the room.

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