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Stephen Hawking's first wife Jane Wilde 'prayed to God' he would live as he mocked her faith

He became a familiar figure in pop culture, with guest roles on The Simpsons and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  • The real Stephen and Jane Hawking were married for approximately thirty years, from 1965 to 1995 Hawking left Jane for his nurse, Elaine Mason, in 1990, with the divorce not becoming official until 1995.

  • They were married in 1965.

  • Hawking at the age of 17 was offered a scholarship to study at the University of Oxford.

Who is Jane Wilde? Stephen Hawking's first wife and mum

Deep down, he was my only love'.

  • James Marsh directs his actors effortlessly and can evoke the type of emotional response out of his audience through them, but when left with telling a story, Marsh falters.

  • Elaine Mason, one of the nurses, who was married when she came to care for Hawking, would eventually become his second wife.

  • Pictured: Hawking in the 1970s with his children Robert and Lucy The fact that Elaine herself was married didn't stop her, nor did the fact that her husband David was an engineer and self-confessed Hawking super-fan who helped develop Hawking's speech synthesizer.