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A Gluttonous Relationship

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Soft vore female A Gluttonous

Great Wolf's Encounterment (Soft Vore Story) by TheGreatWolf14

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Soft vore female Life Choices

Female Dragon Full Turn Vore

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The girl is bigger than the boy, but not big enough to swallow him without a little elasticity.

  • He started to walk back but the wind and snow made it difficult to move and see as it was strong against him.

  • Rich is such a cutie! A less subtle way of doing this is for the victim to run the full course of the girl's digestive system, and come out as her poop.

  • Paul loves eating his girls, especially when they are stuffed themselves.

Life Choices (A Vore Read)

Can represent an ideal death in the form of a death-by-sex fantasy.

  • And I think its weird that it doesn't bother some people.

  • When he looked at the waterfall, he was shocked to see it was frozen.

  • It also has an , a project page, a vore , a list of member blogs, and a map of the submitted locations of members.

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