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How I can convince my daughter(s) to wear a chastity belt

All in all I would say I'm quite happy under this arrangement.

  • Well, since there are some parties of her friends in the next weeks and months, the time is on my side.

  • After figuring out for me, that it is wearable for daily use and that it is pretty secure, I wore it frequently and made sure that my oldest daughter eventually recognized it.

  • A lot of belts you see sit higher, up on the belly button.

This Woman is Wearing a Chastity Belt and Lost the Keys: How Will it End?

They are for the sole purpuse of locking both thighs together.

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  • Some polymer cages are flexible and can conform to your body.

  • It was really hard to convince her to just even try one of her sister's cbs for a minute! Most folks believe that chastity belts were used throughout this era for this objective as a result of the assumption has been held for therefore long by many alternative generations.