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FINANCIAL AID FOR UHM STUDENTS ONLY: In order to receive financial aid please ensure that either: a you are receiving financial aid during the preceding spring semester, or b you complete the Financial Aid application during the preceding spring semester.

  • After leaving Shio behind, she returned to her husband's house, poisoned him, and muttered to Asahi who came to the apartment to pick himself up, saying "It's too late", and she became a factor that makes him rush to search for Shio.

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  • El tercero es Fukuoka.

Kōbe Weather in December 2022

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  • Four years later, he returned home after he used up all the money and abused both Yuuna and Asahi because of Yuuna's inability to get a job and earn money.

  • Her devotion to Satou is so strong that when her brother Asahi begs her to come back to their family, Shio rejects him and stays by Satou's side.

  • Asahi tries to find convince Shio that their mother does love and care for them, once he finds her.

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