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VKontakte is 10 years old: What’s the secret of the ‘Russian Facebook’?

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Family ‘slaughtered by servant as mum is raped and stabbed to death & son, 6, strangled’ while dad was on business trip

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Russia court overturns transgender woman's child "pornography" conviction and orders retrial today

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In July, he had allegedly kidnapped and 'severely beaten' a 32-year-old woman at his St Petersburg apartment where Kudrova was found dead.

  • Sade arayüzü ile dikkat çkene popüler sosyal ağ uygulamasının tüm işlevlerine hızlı ve kolay bir şekilde erişebilmenizi sağlayan sol menüyesahiptir.

  • They chastise him not only for agreeing to have sex for money, but for claiming to be bisexual, as well.

  • Attacked: Russian porn star Lola Taylor escaped her rapists by jumping out of a window on the third floor 'Lola Taylor' had agreed to meet the men for an interview to talk about the film, but after she arrived, the men set upon her and proceeded to rape her in an ordeal that lasted several hours.

5 VK social media groups that every expat in Russia should join

Facebook and Twitter are slow and more reluctant to cooperate with the Russian authorities.

  • Mr Malakhov, an executive on the Trans-Siberian network from Moscow to Vladivostok, was away for work when the massacre took place.

  • Ayrıca bu sürümde çeşitli bug düzeltmeleri yapılmıştır.

  • The above photo shows the tycoon 's son in more recent years Police say the suspect went on the run and a major search is underway for him.