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Lex lana and Every Reason

Lex lana and Every Reason

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Lex lana and Every Reason

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Lex lana and Every Reason

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Lex lana and Why Smallville

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She was Rhesus Negative and it basically meant that with her blood she was poisining her baby.

  • Season Eight Still on a vengeful mission, Lana decided to cut Lex off from his loyal follower,.

  • Lex quietly accepted the dissolution of their marriage and Lana had no contact with him for a long time, although she kept a close eye on him in the hope of exposing him to the world.

  • Not only was he allowing her to feel all of that pain, but when she was asking for her records to know what happened and he denied her.

Lex & Lana : Smallville

She had been a smoker all her life.

  • When Lana told Clark that she had discussed their relationship with Lex, he was surprised and seemed a little angry, as he had just had an argument with Lex when Clark thought he was still researching him.

  • The filming of this picture began only a few days after her suicide attempt.

  • What further troubled Lex throughout his life was the callousness of his father.