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A Short View of the Immorality of the English Stage

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An Answer to all the Excuses and Pretences that men usually make for their not coming to the Holy Communion, by a Divine of the Church of England: Fitted for the meanest Capacity, and proper to be given away by such Persons as are Charitably Inclin'd.

  • They are also closer to first base when they cut off a slower ground ball towards shortstop.

  • Now this Philosopher was not only a Person of great Sence and Probity, but was likewise suppos'd to refine upon the Heathen Theology, to throw off the Fabulous part of it, and to endeavour to bring it back to the Standard of Natural Religion.

  • For such a Liberty may probably raise those Passions which can neither be discharged without Trouble, nor satisfyed without a Crime: 'Tis not safe for a Man to trust his Virtue too far, for fear it should give {6}him the slip! Euripides, who was no negligent Observer of Humane Nature, is always careful of this Decorum.