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There is also concern among the local population that the influx of tens of thousands of Games-related athletes, staff, officials and media could turn the Tokyo Olympics into a super-spreader event.

  • Beijing Olympics were not the best one for this beautiful athlete, with the American professional failing to win medals after multiple crashes in the snow.

  • Olympians Lisa Buckwitz and Janine Flock are making headlines just as the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing get underway.

  • Romero also suggested she might be tempted to take up a third sport after the Games.

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Says Ferguson: "They basically throw us all in a stadium and say, 'Just go for it, party hard, get drunk and do some groping.

  • However, she will come back stronger for sure! The Beijing Olympics are Feb.

  • It quickly becomes clear that, summer or winter, the games go on long after the medal ceremony.

  • Emily Clark is an out ice hockey player for Team Canada.