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Separate garter belts are needed to hold up stockings.

  • Amazingly Spirella offered a pantie-girdle the 122 in 1953 and a laced girdle 216 from 1954 right Girdles from the Ivy Leaf Collection It is often quite revealing to look at real girdles from Spirella and other makes for that matter , since, to be honest, the majority of girdle wearers in the last 20 years have been older women.

  • The founder, Frederick Mellinger, is famous for inventing the push-up.

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I remember that day very well because she caught me looking at her and just smiled and carried on getting dressed.

  • The war affected undergarments just as much as it affected all other aspects of dress.

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  • In the 1950's, Spirella coined the term 'Spirelette' for a.