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While the trade in sex was once frowned upon in itself, that's no longer necessarily the case.

  • A dispassionate domme watches her collared subbie boy struggle to free himself from the ropes that bind him and the saliva-dripping ball gag forced into his mouth.

  • They will be considered victimed refugees, and can become American citizens.

  • Everyone we spoke with agreed: Human trafficking cases require immense resources, standing out as the most labor- and time-intensive DoJ focus.

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These women would never think of working as a prostitute in their home town where they know a lot of people and would bring disgrace on their family.

  • They include the Polaris Project, which was founded in 2002 by two college students, and the Washington-based Break the Chain Campaign, which started in the mid-1990s focusing on exploited migrant workers before concentrating on trafficking after 2000.

  • Or it falls to curious, caring community members whose work or lives could prevent, identify or address victimization.

  • This hurts Sethe in many ways and causes her to feel degraded and extremely traumatized.