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I had an orgasm on the massage. Should I tell my husband?

Accessories are out: Long necklaces left and cross-body bags right can get lost in cleavage And here's another less-than-sexy fact that most men — and smaller-breasted women — are likely unaware of: 'Boob sweat is a daily occurrence.

  • No matter what happens, it's gonna go deep into your cleavage and look like a keychain for your nipples,' she says.

  • I want things to work because I understand sex is part of a relationship and not all of it, but I do have desires, and each time I close my eyes I imagine him with someone else.

  • You should know this and take everything I say with that grain of salt.

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They're sex shops, like the ones you could once find in Times Square.

  • Be prepared to sever the sexual aspect.

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  • In his latest video, he gets smashed to the ground when he tries to bribe someone to drink a jar of his urine.