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  • Who is Cobie Smulders Husband? This Post all about Cobie Smulders Facebook info with Twitter details latest news, interview and hot bikini images.

  • Scroll down video Raunchy: Cobie Smulders strips off in new scenes for Netflix series Friends From College as her character Lisa Turner gets very intimate with a guy called Nick in steamy scenes Friends From College tells the tale of a group of pals from Harvard who are approaching their forties and the complicated relationships with one another that come with it.

  • Cobie Smulders is usually known by her nick name Cobie.

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She is best known for playing Robin Scherbatsky on the comedy series How I Met Your Mother.

  • She has four sisters Melissa Smulders, Amy Smulders, Fiona Smulders, and Julie Smulders.

  • She is looking graceful as the sweet smile is illuminating this event picture.

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