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15 Famous Actors You Didn't Know Were Huge Nerds

Actor Wonderfully talented, heavyset character actor from New York, but regularly playing Southerners M.

  • And according to his bio on , where he has plenty of witty things to say, Saviano is also married with a kid.

  • In 1990, she was actually working in the company's billing department and customer letters because nobody else in the office would.

  • His mother, Julia Moccello , was a homemaker.

Eddie Deezen

It wasn't until 2014 that Radcliffe watched any Star Wars movies he claimed he was too busy making some other franchise to see it as a child.

  • That's not it at all.

  • Luckily, Malcolm's nerdiness actually gets him out of more than one difficult and dangerous situation—who knew bitcoins could be used for so much good? Don't think I don't know this movie isn't basically an advertisement for Google—that it's the Wedding Crashers of Alphabet Inc.

  • What would we do without our favorite celebs that grew up right in front of our eyes? After a few more movies and theatrical performances, Eisenberg whose older brother is Academy Award-nominated actor Jesse Eisenberg quit acting altogether in.