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My mom has been acting strange

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What Does Calling Someone "Mom" On The Internet Mean?

Quite a number of people have openly admitted that they do, in fact, take naps in the shower.

  • But who says men are the only people who can appreciate the appeal of a woman drenched in water.

  • This was a few hours ago and we have received multiple texts from our mom asking us to come home and watch a movie.

  • Vaginal discharge comes in all consistencies and colors, some of them more desirable than the others.


Last summer the costume also involved a jumpsuit, a weed-wacker, and a fake arm.

  • The wrinkles were less noticeable and the bags were gone.

  • Why would this happen to her? Or maybe just do a bit of a competition: which boob bounces the furthest when slapped playfully from the bottom? Indeed, without knowing it, moms do all sorts of things in the shower.

  • I assumed my sister had come home from her boyfriends and turned the light off.