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Point of No Return (1993) Starring: Bridget Fonda, Claudia Anne Doran, Gabriel Byrne

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`Shattered Image' Falls Completely Apart / Baldwin, Parillaud in clumsy thriller

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Anne Parillaud Affair, Height, Net Worth, Age, More

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Anne Parillaud

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Anne Parillaud: Movies, TV, and Bio

Dalle, easily slipping into a white-trash role, pouts a lot.

  • The arty fish-and-sex motif is repeated in the parallel story when the bad Jessie picks up Baldwin -- she already knows him from her dreams -- and has sex with him in the in view of a killer shark.

  • And when things calm down a bit, as with the motel sequence between hot twosome Anne Parillaud and Anthony LaPaglia, Landis is adept at smoothly changing the movie's rhythm.

  • Marie will require the help of undercover cop Joe Gennaro in order to destroy Macelli for good.

Nikita (1990)

American Werewolf had plenty of plot-driven male nudity, Innocent Blood has gratuitous female nudity.

  • One is Joe Gennaro Anthony LaPaglia , an undercover cop trying to bring down a Pittsburgh crime boss Robert Loggia.

  • There's even funny man Don Rickles as the mob lawyer.

  • They play occasional and silly practical jokes and get chased by a few older pervy men.