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Too Hot For Censors: 15 WWE Moments That Were Cut From The Broadcast

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We'd all seen the divas battle inside the ring, but outside the ring we'd always wanted to check them out while wrestling in bed.

  • Sable went on with Nicole Bass making Bass do all of her dirty work.

  • She sealed her own faith from the company when agreeing with Ryback's opinion regarding the contract wages.

  • While in position for the pedigree, the tight dress allowed one of her breasts to directly pop out because of her position and the nature of her wardrobe.

Jacqueline Fully Loaded '98 GIFS (Nip

Fans thought this would mean she would win, since the only way to lose the match was to be stripped out of your evening gown.

  • Feuding with Davenport, Moondog Fifi, and Leslie Belanger, she held the title two more times in 1992 and three times in 1993.

  • In response, Sable gave McMahon the double finger.

  • Edge and Lita were all of a sudden an item, while Matt returned and became a mega babyface.

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