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Retrieved 4 September 2009.

  • Oxford Living Dictionaries - English.

  • As for me, I distinctly remember him recommending the BBC timeline as one of the better ones not that that makes a huge difference for the article, as this article doesn't use it; I was just mentioning that he said it , and I remember him pointing out at least twice that most of the sources for news reports, etc.

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July 2009 Ürümqi riots

نادرا ما أتحدث عن نفسي.

  • Ürümqi has seen significant economic development since the 1990s and currently serves as a and a cultural, political and commercial center.

  • أنا صادر جدًا وأبله وأحب المرح والضحك ، شخصيًا ، أعتقد أن الضحك أقل من اللازم ، إنه صوت روح سعيدة.

  • Therefore, I've removed it.