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Gabi Braun (Anime)

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Gabi Braun

When Zofia begins to boast about her grades, Gabi interrupts her by explaining her superior resolve to kill all the people of and free the people trapped in.

  • My fianc├â┬ę had a bourbon drink and a beer.

  • Gabi explained that she was scared of Nick's influence over her and felt she had to kill him to stop him from being a threat to Arianna.

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Gabi is overcome with fear and is unable to move.

  • When she pretends to trip, she takes the opportunity to throw the bomb on the train tracks and derail the armored train, simultaneously killing the gunmen as she runs away laughing.

  • At night, her group joins the other Warriors to hear Willy Tybur's speech.

  • Soon, Eren arrives unexpectedly and Gabi sits with all three while they talk.