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Near the Gate of Syria, a building served as the home for the guards.

  • There, local councils were elected from 20 neighborhoods Nahia and these councils elected representatives from their members to serve on six district councils Qada.

  • An Army private in Baghdad has been sentenced to two years in prison and given a bad-conduct discharge after being convicted of possessing pornography and other charges, the U.

  • Many people are under the impression that there is no HIV in the Arab world, but it is one of only two regions where HIV infections are still on the rise.

Unveiling Iraq's teenage prostitutes

Retrieved 22 April 2007.

  • Supporters of mutaa marriages say they can be a positive move for couples who are aware of what they are doing.

  • Bai described Ritter as the "most determined dissenter and the one with the most on-the-ground intelligence" of the situation in Iraq prior to the war.

  • Also in 2003, a minor riot in the city which took place on 21 July caused some disturbance in the population.